ExperiaSolutions Ltd. was established in the summer of 2020...

Forming in a year that had seen many lives thrown upside down and businesses in jeopardy we thought it was time to consolidate our services into one business; with years of experience in Retail Development & Business Consultancy.

Partnering with talented teams & freelance specialists ExperiaSolutions are able to offer a dynamic, modern and full service approach to modern retail. 

A strong reputation, with many of our partnerships lasting years and forming tight repeat working bonds we had already established a reputation as well as personal relationships doing the work we love. Now realizing we could offer our supportive services to more retailers, especially independents & growing brands we formed experienced based solutions to keep that movement going with a hard working attitude to support retailers, growing businesses and building brands. 





ExperiaSolutions entered the design & development of retail stores in the UK.


Now having designed thousands of retail layouts & been involved with award winning stores in the UK.


Our team grew in South East Asia consulting on existing National companies & establishing new concepts.


Forming new partnerships and consulting for independent & national businesses and focused on omnichannel retailing in VN.


ExperiaSolutions formed as an official company & made instant success by setting up global clients online and establishing million $ values.


The future ES plan to perfect the service offering and scale to offer retail consultancy & omni-services to all clients globally.


Quickly discuss with one of our experts immediately via FB Messenger. 

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